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Common Sense Paganism Below are the 10 most recent journal entries recorded in the "commnsensepagan" journal:

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October 17th, 2010
06:09 pm
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Writer's Block: One for the bucket list
What is something you've always wanted to do, but haven't yet done?

I have several things on my "bucket" list, but one of them to go to Stonehenge on the night of Midsummer.  I have heard that they have quite a party that night. That is a pretty small one as I have so many other things I had wanted to do with my life by this point (I'm 34), but I guess that theere will always be regrets, right?


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October 10th, 2010
06:16 pm
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An Interesting Month

I think it has been at least a month since I last wrote. Hard telling since this last month has truly zoomed by.

We are now less than 3 weeks away from the mid-term elections. Unfortunately I've been so busy with my new job, that both religion and politics have taken a back seat. Monday I start my first day going solo, as the lady who was training me retired on Friday. It isn't a hard job, but there is a lot to it, and my goal over the next few months will simply be not to totally screw up.

Once things settle down, I plan on spending more time with my spirituality and paying attention to the political world. I'm both more educated in the area of politics than most other people and less educated in the area of politics than I would really like to be. I know that I don't have the investigative staff of a Glenn Beck, and the minutia of daily, ordinary life gets in the way of most of the things that I would rather be doing. The apartment is a mess, and I have a stack of books I would like to finish reading before the end of the century. But, it is all part of the sacrifice, right? I just hope that the hours that my husband and I are putting in, seeing each other only parts of the day and on some days only for a half an hour at a time and giving up some of the fun activities that we enjoy doing will ultimately pay off. We would like to get a house in a year. We'd like financial stability. In the former world without the Fabian Socialists running things, that would all be possible. Today, I really have to wonder.

Time is the most precious thing we all have. Do not squander time, for that is the stuff life is made of. Then why do so many people see money as a fair trade-off for time? The lady I worked with who just retired worked at her job for 22 years. I can't think of anything that I've done for 22 years, and at the risk of my workplace reading these words, I can say right now that this job isn't what I would like to be doing for the next 22 years of my life.

My husband will only have a week of vacation, if his job continues that long, after one year. I will also have just one week of vacation after one year. That means it will be at least a year before I can get just one week of vacation, hardly enough time to do much of anything. I came from a job where I had 2 weeks in the first year I was there. Since I believe that time is the most precious commodity I have, I'd rather take a lower salary and get an extra week of vacation, but that's just me.

Over the past month, I've watched the world around me change more into the socialist utopia that progressives desire. Last month, another 95,000 more jobs were lost, and we've had a 14 month stretch of 9.5% or higher unemployment, a figure that hasn't been seen since the 1930s. Any fool who still believes that we've been out of the recession for the past year is a fool. As long as the government is artificially holding the economy back and keeping us in a recession deliberately, we will remain in this stagnant economy. At one point will it become a Great Depression? I'm sure some economists have called it already, if not out in the open.

This is what makes me wonder if Anthony and I are squandering our time by working so hard, if the government is just going to take it or devalue our dollar enough so that even having a lot of money won't make any difference. The only thing that does make it worth while is that everybody else will be in the same boat if our fragile economy collapses, and having some money, even if it is nearly worthless, will be better than having none at all. While I'm not exactly prepared for a full collapse of the system, Anthony and I are at very least aware of the possibility and are at least making preparations by buying a gun and keeping some food in storage. It isn't an isolated cabin in the middle of the woods with a full vegetable garden and 100 guns, but I would be willing to bet we're both ahead of the curve.

I don't really want to work. I particularly don't want to work if the government is just going to take it all. In January, we will have the largest tax increase in U.S. history, unless they keep the Bush tax cuts going.

I will try to keep up with my posts in the comming weeks. I have so much to do and so little time to do it, but Samhain is just around the corner. Perhaps I need to better structure my days so that my spirituality won't get away from me. My spirituality is one of the rich things in my life that the government can't take away, at least not YET.

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September 19th, 2010
05:23 pm
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O'Donnell makes light of witchcraft comment


I absolutely have to comment on this, although I honestly know very little about Christine O'Donnell other than she has been backed by the Tea Party movement and is probably for small government. Honestly, as long as she is for small government and not getting into my personal life (and a small government person would be for individual choice), I could care less what religion she follows or if at some point in time she practiced Satanism. Judging by her comments, I would say that she is woefully ignorant on witchcraft and wouldn't know her ass from an athame. Like a lot of Christians, she lumps witchcraft in with Satanism, but that is hardly her fault or would make her that different from just about everyone else who is Christian (I apologize to the Christians out there who do know the difference - I'm only pointing out a generalization). Either way, she appears to be some type of Christian now.

However, once again, the media sensationalize this non-story. The media also have no idea what true witchcraft is or the difference between Satanism and Paganism or Wicca. The true ignorance is theirs, not O'Donnell's.

I believe it was Ronald Reagan who said that if you agree with me 70% of the time, you are not my enemy. How much do I truly have in common with a Progressive? Very, very little, if anything. How much do I have in common with this woman O'Donnell? I don't know much about her or if she truly is a Tea Party representative, but I agree with 90 to 95% of what the Tea Party movement is about, even if they generally tend to be die-hard Christians. Guess what - that means we are not enemies. I'll take the small-government conservative Christian over a hippy big-government, Progressive, cradle to grave, tree-hugging Liberal any day. At least the former won't be out to fleece me of my entire savings, and the former would also be more likely to just let me have my freedom to religion and worship.

Most Pagans are single-issue voters when it comes to topics like religion, even though most Democrats are Christians and would be even more likely to poke their noses in their business when it comes to religion. Having said that, I'm disappointed that someone from the Tea Party would be so ignorant when it comes to witchcraft, lumping it in with Satanism. I guess I shouldn't judge her too harshly.

Everything is suggesting that this coming vote in November will be historic on so many levels. As long as the person is a small-government libertarian, I could really care less if they think I carry out blood sacrifices in my living room.


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September 14th, 2010
11:30 pm
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Writer's Block: Defining Moment in the Past 10 Years
Over the past 10 years if you could identify one defining moment what would that be?

In the past decade, I think my happiest and most memorable day was my wedding day, though was it the most defining? Well, I'm married to the man I love, so I guess so. However, to look at the broader picture, it might have been 9/11/2010, though I was not personally affected by it in the sense that I knew someone who died. It was more of a collective defining moment for this country.

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07:21 pm
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Writer's Block: Drink up me hearties!
What would your pirate name be, and why would you be the most feared buccaneer on the seven seas?

I'd be called "The Dreaded Red" because of my red hair. I would have a reputation for only boarding Progressive ships and forcing their people to walk the plank for destroying the United States of America and turning it into a Socialist state. I'd also be "dreaded" by the "red" Communists who plan on collapsing the system so that they can take over, since my form of piracy would involve only allowing free-market individuals to sail on.

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September 11th, 2010
11:13 am
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Ed Schultz Announces October 2nd "One Nation" Washington March


Wow, Ed Schultz really has no clue. I wonder if he really believes a word he says and is just completely delusional, or if he really does know the truth and just chooses to ignore it and spout the Progressive agenda like a good little liberal. He should be happy that those who disagree with him actually make it a point to listen to him occasionally, or he would hardly have any audience at all. Does he really think he can get half a million people to his get-together on the 2nd of October?

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10:38 am
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Writer's Block: The day the earth stood still
What does this day mean to you?

I think many people are forgetting what happened on this day nine years ago, and there is a whole generation of young people who were either not born yet or were far too young to remember anything about 9/11/2001. There are others who probably remember the day better than I do, but there are some details I will remember about that day that I will still be able to recall when I'm an old woman. I remember what color shirt I was wearing that day (red) and the exact necklace I was wearing (smokey quartz, which I'm wearing right now). I remember it was a nice day outside but I can only assume that it was warm since the shirt I was wearing was short sleeved. I remember when I woke up and watching the news of the first Twin Tower being hit on my little TV (which I still have in my living room and still works). And, I remember what I felt and thought when the second Twin Tower was hit. I remember taking a shower and having my mom come in to tell me that the Pentagon was hit. I remember going to school that day and watching the news on the television sets that they had set up throughout campus, and I remember the face of a young woman in my first class and how she got up halfway through to leave. I remember coming home and seeing the lines for gas, and I remember the days afterwards when planes didn't fly overhead, an oddity on a college campus right next to an airport.

In other words, I have a pretty good memory of that day. I remember more about that day than I do about what happened last Christmas or even what happened yesterday, but even more remarkable, I can't remember a thing about 9/10/2001.

And what has happened to our country since then? Are we truly honoring the dead anymore? With only a few exceptions, every family member who lost someone on that day to that terrorist attack is against the building of the mosque at Ground Zero. I'm against it, for a variety of reasons -- the funding is in question, the location is completely tasteless, and now the imam of that mosque says now that even if he wanted to change the location, he couldn't without the threat of some of his more fundamentalist buddies declaring a fatwa on the USA for daring to move their mosque. Nevermind that there are over a thousand mosques in New York City alone and not only do they really need another one, but also do they really need to put it in that location? The answer is no on both questions, thought I can't think of one person who would be against them building a mosque anywhere else in New York City. Everyone who is against it is just against the location. It is tasteless and completely lacking in regard for those who lost their lives on 9/11. If we have to be so conscious and respectful of their religion and their beliefs but they don't have to respect ours, then I have a problem with that.

As for the buring of the Koran, it is part of protected free speech just as burning of the American flag or the Christian Bible would be a form of freedom of speech. All speech needs to be protected, including and especially the speech that is offensive or that you strongly disagree with. I find the burning of an American flag to be highly offensive, and my knee-jerk reaction is to want it outlawed, but then that would be hypocritical. For me personally, I plan to have my own private bonfire away from anyone else's eyes but my own. But, then I see it is my own personal "fuck you" to the Muslims who call me an infidel and say I must die because I'm not Muslim. They do enough desecrating on their own, but I can do the same.

But all of that has nothing to do with 9/11. What does this day mean to me? It is a rememberance for those who lost their lives as a result of intolerance, rage, and evil. We need to keep remembering those who died that day, and we can't give in to the demands of those who wish to stomp on those memories. So I keep my memories alive, wear my little Twin Tower 9/11 pin, and tell those America-haters to fuck off.


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September 7th, 2010
10:57 pm
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An Article on Economic Collapse

And now for a completely happy thought before I go to bed. While the general outlook is bad for a lot of people out there, some people are doing as well or even better than they were a few years ago. While not exactly working at my dream job, both my husband and I are working and making very good money (combined anyway). I had fears that I would spend months or longer unable to find a job, but I managed to land one not more than a month and a half after being laid off. Thus proving, yes, there are jobs out there, and they aren't all jobs as greeters at Wal-Mart.

Having said that, I'm under no illusion that what my husband and I have will last forever. If some of the more dire predictions are to be believed, having a few guns and the ability to grow your own food may be the bare minimum that we will need in order to survive. I'm a realist and practical, but I'm also one for being ready for the Worst Case Scenario. After all, if the Zombie Apocolapse happens, it might not be a bad idea to be able to know how to shoot a zombie's head off.

So, here is an article that may make you start running for survival supplies and food rations, or make you think that a situation like this is too horrible to really happen. While things usually don't end up as bad as we envision that they might, just think what the dinosaurs might have been thinking (had they had the brains enough to do so) when that giant meteor hit 150 million years ago. I'm sure that when hundreds of species died off in a matter of a handful of months, they weren't thinking that if they ignored it, it would go away.

And, unlike then, I don't think economic collapse would usher in a new era of more highly-evolved creatures. It might more resemble what would happen if a really big ass meteor hit the earth, and destroyed everything, down to the smallest living microorganism.


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09:21 pm
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A Brief Opinion on the Koran burning on 9/11

Few things in this world are as humorless as the uber-religious. And few people are as easily offended as the Muslim population. While many Muslims, though certainly not all, thrill in denigrating other religions and their symbols and even the American flag itself, they are the first to become violently offended if someone desicrates their holy book or their prophet. To them, it is all well and good to step on or burn the American flag, but having the things they hold dear stepped upon or burned is unforgiveable.

There is no reason why this story reached the eyes and ears of the Middle East anyway, except that our own American media had to bring it up. However, I'm still glad the story was brought up to the general public. I respect and support the right to free speech, and that includes burning a Bible, flag, or the Koran. Hell, while I would not agree with it, someone burning a pentagram would be well within free speech. If this is truly a free country and freedom of speech still exists, even the offensive speech should be allowed, particularly the offensive speech. As long as it doesn't destroy property or infringe on another's right to life, liberty, and pursuit of happiness, even offensive speech is constitutional.

But, my opinion isn't so much on the rights to free speech as a thumbs-up to the burning of the Koran. Too often we've coddled to the Muslim population and done whatever we want them to do. This burning of the Koran is a standing up for our rights to be offensive and not to be bullied into being meek little kittens who want to be everybody's best friend.

To the Muslim population: lighten the fuck up. I'm not fucking Muslim. I do not honor your prophet. I don't believe in your god. You don't honor my gods or my religion, so here is me not honoring your religion. Those who killed three thousand people on 9/11/2001 were all Muslim men. Why don't you hear about Pagans ramming planes into bulidings? Because our god doesn't tell us to go kill people. You don't see Christians or Jews doing it, either. A religion of Peace? What peaceful religion teaches to hate other groups of people? There are videos of little girls who are taught that Jews are pigs and apes.

I don't hate Muslims, but I am offended by their insistence that we adhere to their laws and religious rules. Maybe I'll grab a copy of the Koran to burn. Maybe I'll do that on 9/11.

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September 6th, 2010
10:56 am
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Stoning to Death

Since I will be starting work tomorrow, I won't have as much time to write, or to read for that matter. So, I'll need to streamline my posts. My plan is to take articles from sources such as The Drudge Report or from Glenn Beck's new one The Blaze, and if I have time, do my own commentary. Again, I plan on keeping information about my personal life down to a bare minimum, unless it is politically or spiritually relevant.

But, as an aside, anyone ever get a professional massage? My entire body hurts. It feels like I worked out for hours yesterday.

So, it is no surprise that Sharia law is horrible for any society to implement. And, one of the many punishments instituted under Sharia law for women who commit adultery (or any infraction for that matter) is being stoned to death. Now, I'm all for capital punishment. If a rapist/murderer ends someone's life, then they deserve to die - lethal injection or some other method is fine, although in this case, the guy probably deserves a good old fashion hanging for taking an innocent person's life. However, we are talking about a scumbag who doesn't deserve to live. In the case of a woman committing adultery, does the punishment really fit the crime?

I think adultery in general is horrible. I love my husband, and I would feel very hurt and betrayed if he ever cheated on me, as I am sure he would feel very hurt and betrayed if I ever cheated on him. However, is adultery really death-worthy? No, and women who are stoned to death in these Muslim countries seldom have done anything to deserve a single lashing let alone being buried up to their chest and having large rocks thrown at them until they die.

Again, back to one of my earlier arguements, moral and cultural relativism is flawed. What is good for a society is when the most people get the most happiness and satisfaction from its laws. In the case of Sharia law, it really only affects the female portion of the population, a good 50% of that population. If half or over half a population is under oppressive rule, then is it good? No. If half or over half of a population is subjected to rules that do not apply to the other half, is it just? No.


Included here is an article about a woman who is being tried for adultery, and her punishment will be stoning. Fortunately, for this woman, she has people on the outside of her culture as well as inside who are fighting her sentence before it is carried out. But, what about those women who didn't have anyone fighting for them? What a cruel, horrible way to die.

We must fight against Sharia law in the United States. We must not let it infect our country. It is bad enough that it is on the other side of the world, but we have seen it come here already. Recently, a judge ruled that in a specific case, a man had the right to rape his wife, since it was part of his culture. Sorry, this is America. Here, a man can't rape his wife, regardless of the culture he came from.

I will try to write more next weekend. To anyone who is reading this, have a happy Labor Day and a great short week.


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